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Sandra's Books

Sandra Worth is an internationally published author of six historical novels on England's Wars of the Roses chronicling the demise of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors, three with Penguin U.S.A. For more information on Sandra's 17 Book Awards, see Awards.

Tomorrow We Will Know

A Novel of Imperial Constantinople 1453

Sandra Worth's newest book

In this suspenseful and passionate portrayal of the fall of Constantinople in 1453 - a moment in history torn by the same forces at work in our world today.

Tomorrow We Will Know by Sandra Worth
The Rose of York - Book 1 (Love & War)

The Rose of York

Love & War

A stand-alone award-winning novel

Love & War, the first title in the Rose of York trilogy, has won numerous awards for its portrayal of the future Richard III's calamity-riddled turbulent early years in the Wars of the Roses, and his Romeo-and-Juliet love affair with his childhood sweetheart Anne Neville, daughter of the mighty Warwick the Kingmaker.

The Rose of York

Crown of Destiny

A stand-alone award-winning novel

Crown of Destiny, the second tumultuous installment in the Rose of York trilogy, recounts the making of a king and the fate of the two little Princes in the Tower.

The Rose of York - Book 2 (Crown of Destiny)
The Rose of York - Book 3 (Fall from Grace)

The Rose of York

Fall from Grace

A stand-alone award-winning novel

Fall From Grace plunges the reader into the swirling currents of the Wars of the Roses one last time as Richard of Gloucester, now King Richard III, dispenses justice and champions the common man against their lordly oppressors. But palace intrigues never cease and enemies hatch plots.

A Novel of The Wars of The Roses

Lady of the Roses

The story of the medieval ancestors of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, John Lord Montague and his Isobel, who came from opposite sides of the Wars of the Roses. Their love saved our world.

Lady of the Roses by Sandra Worth
The King's Daughter by Sandra Worth

A Novel of the First Tudor Queen

The King's Daughter

SOME ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS, few more so than Elizabeth of York. Yet while she was the only English queen to have been a wife, daughter, sister, niece, and mother to English In this groundbreaking novel, Sandra Worth brings us the first complete account of the people’s queen, “Elizabeth the Good.” kings, the legacy of her noble spirit and love of country far outweighs her impressive bloodline.

A Novel of The Tudors

Pale Rose of England

Award-winning author Sandra Worth takes a fresh look at the mystery of Prince Richard of England, one of the two little prince who vanished in the Tower of London and his immortal love affair Lady Catherine Gordon, princess of Scotland.

Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth

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